Plastic Fantasy

Plastic Fantasy (2024) is a satire depiction of a housewife who tries her best to be vanilla. As marriage doesn’t meet her expectations, Anna yearns for more colour in life. Enchanted by a network marketeer and her dashing customers, Anna is convinced plastic kitchenware is all she has been longing for. As the fantastical life of colourful containers and dresses doesn’t ease the unexpressed emotions, the happy wife facade starts cracking.

The film criticises the fantasy life of trend-based consumerism where the planet pays the price. The overconsumption of internal and external resources is amplified by social media – leading to the brink of mental health.

“OceanPolluter – made for every woman.”

Director, writer, editor, visual designer: Ronja Tammenpää
Cinematographer, sound designer, color correction: Tapio Antere
Production: RämeFilms
Assistant director: Anna Hirvi
Music: Tapio Antere, Vili Järvinen, Taija Huhtala
Guest make up: Anna Anttilainen
Thank you: Fasaani Secondhand & Antik

Anna: Saana Laigren Campana
Ari: Salomon Marttila
Amanda: Kerli Kyllönen
Guest 1: Anna Anttilainen 
Guest 2: Salla-Marja Hätinen 
Guest 3: Emma Hannonen
Guest 4: Anna Hirvi

Short film duration: 10 minutes
Watch the trailer here!