Plastic Fantasy

Plastic Fantasy (2024) is a satire depiction of a housewife who tries her best to be vanilla. As marriage doesn’t meet her expectations, Anna yearns for more colour in life. Enchanted by a network marketeer and her dashing customers, Anna is convinced plastic kitchenware is all she has been longing for. The layers of plastic boxes and colorful clothing increase – along with the unexpressed emotions.

The film criticises the fantasy life of trend-based consumerism where the planet pays the price. The overconsumption of internal and external resources is amplified by social media – leading to the brink of mental health.

“This is everything a woman could ask for. OceanPolluter – made for every woman.”

Director, writer, editor, visual designer: Ronja Tammenpää
Cinematographer, sound designer, color correction: Tapio Antere
Production: RämeFilms
Assistant director: Anna Hirvi
Music: Tapio Antere, Vili Järvinen, Taija Huhtala
Guest make up: Anna Anttilainen
Thank you: Fasaani Secondhand & Antik

Anna: Saana Laigren Campana
Ari: Salomon Marttila
Amanda: Kerli Kyllönen
Guest 1: Anna Anttilainen 
Guest 2: Salla-Marja Hätinen 
Guest 3: Emma Hannonen
Guest 4: Anna Hirvi

Short film duration: 10 minutes
Plastic Fantasy will be released in 2024.